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The registration process described below has been suspended due to a large number of recent bogus new registrations. We trust that you will understand that this course of action is necessary to maintain the integrity of members and the site. We certainly do not wish to deter genuine family historians from having access to this site so in the meantime it would assist greatly if new applicants could follow the following to ensure that only genuine new members are accepted.

Instead of going through a self-registration process please e-mail us at
gdl@yorksgen.co.uk giving your full name and where your Lawson/Cheesbrough or Vertigan interests lie. Some details as to their names and when and where they lived would be appreciated. You are also invited to suggest a suitable User Name for yourself, we will provide a Pass Word (which you may change if you so wish). We will then register you manually at which time you will then be able to access the site.

If you have any other queries please let us know what these are and we will respond accordingly.

Gerry 23rd November, 2013.


You are welcome to look around the Lawson, Cheesbrough and Vertigan web site but at this stage you will be allowed limited access only. The main Forums will appear empty and you will not be able to download any data files.

To register on this site simply click "Register" on the Menu Bar immediately above and complete the details.

If you encounter any problems during the registration process and are unable to complete this for some reason then please contact me by email at gdl@yorksgen.co.uk setting out the difficulties you have experienced. I can register you saving you any problems so if you would prefer this please tell me what user name and password you would prefer and your full name and where you live.

Registered users are allowed full access and therefore you are encouraged to use the Registration Process. This involves completing some details about yourself and where your Lawson, Cheesbrough and Vertigan interests lived. Click on "Register" on the Blue Links band above.

You will need to enter a User Name and Password so that you can enter the site fully each time you visit. There is a box called "Remember Me" which you can tick to save re-entering these details every time. A small cookie is then inserted but this is only used to save you the effort of entering these passwords every time you visit.

User Names and Passwords are case sensitive so please ensure that you remember them. 

To ensure that internet spiders do not infultrate this web site it is important for your own security that on registration you give your valid e-mail address. You can be sure that the details you enter in your User Profile are safe from the prying Internet Spiders as they will not get beyond the initial pages. The following graphic shows one such Spider being prevented from viewing personal details of one of our members. The 'Stop' sign indicates that entry to this was barred.


Once you have registered you will receive an e-mail message welcoming and requesting you to acknowledge receipt of this by clicking on the web site link provided. This is to ensure that you have given a valid e-mail address in the registration process. Until you validate this you will not be able to access complete Forum details for forename and help wanted.
If you enter an invalid e-mail address then you will not become fully registered. 

The site contains numerous databases which can be downloaded for use with a suitable database program or spreadsheet, some are available on-line as viewable areas. However, before members can have access to them you must add some information about your Lawson/Cheesbrough/Vertigan family by entering details in one of the Forums. This has the advantage of allowing all other members to see who your family is and hopefully you will gain links to others researching your family too. It is important to use dates and locations where the family lived, if you do not know precise dates then please give a best estimate of when they were born.

Members often change e-mail addresses. In order that you can receive notifications of activity on any posts you make it is important that you change any e-mail addresses in your own "User Profile".

4th March, 2008

» Cheesbrough Name and Information


I dedicate this web site to my maternal grandmother Harriet Ellen Cheesbrough b. 2nd Sept. 1882 who, after the death of my grandfather, lived with my family for 25 years. It was only after her death that I realised I knew nothing about her heritage other than she had been born near Castleford, Yorkshire. It was for this reason that I started to trace my family tree.

This Web Page has been created to enable other researchers into the Cheesbrough family name to have access to the large amount of data and information I have collated. This is freely given by me in the hope that others will benefit and as a result will contribute the results of their own research so as to enhance the overall study and thereby increase the benefit to all fellow researchers.

When I decided to extend my own research into a full One Name Study I quickly realised that several spellings of the name existed. Because of this I decided to include all variants including Cheesebrough, Cheeseborough, Chesebrough and Cheesborough.

To save repeating these in the following pages I will use the title spelling for simplicity.
Freda Lawson, Leeds, England.

The Cheesbrough Name and its origins and meaning

Nearly all English surnames bear some significance to either the place of birth or employment of the holder. A search for that of Cheesbrough indicates it to be of English origin, probably a habitation name from an unidentified place and could be from Old English cis gravel + burk fortress town. A place is recorded dating to 1286 as Cheseburgh, Northumberland and now called Cheesburn. There is also a place called Chirbury in Shropshire dating to 1291 and now known as Ches(e)bury. Either of these may be the source of the Cheesbrough surname.

The earliest recorded source of the name appears in the Freemen of the City of York with two entries in the 16th century. Edwardus Cheseburgh was a baker in the City between 1526-7 and Henricus Cheysburgh was a blacksmith in 1537-9. Both these sources are before the eariest parish Church register entries.

Several different variations in the spelling of the name have been established, these include Cheesebrough, Cheesborough, Cheeseborough, Chesebrough, Cheseborough and Chesebro.

A study of more recent family history shows that the Cheesbrough surname is now found most commonly in Yorkshire. The earliest parish registers available to family historians indicates there to be several areas around which the name proliferated. The main area is indeed that around Rothwell near Wakefield and Leeds in the West Riding of Yorkshire and this area was found to be the birth place of the largest percentage of Cheesbrough births in the years immediately following the commencement of civil registration in 1837.

Other significant areas were also located from the early records these being in the towns of Well and Snape in North Yorkshire close to the boundary with County Durham, an area of Cumberland close to Penrith and around Boston in Lincolnshire. The earliest records date back to the latter part of the 16th century but regrettably it has not been possible to make direct links between the Cheesbroughs of these regions, albeit geographically they are not too distant.

Probably the best way in which to illustrate the distribution of the Cheesbrough name is by comparing the births in the period 1837 to 1859 by using the records of births at St. Catherine's House. These show that the overwhelming majority were recorded in the County of Yorkshire followed by Co. Durham and only a smattering in other counties of England. The following table illustrates this in a simple format.

Inevitably the Cheesbrough name was taken to other parts of the world with early emigrants from England. Most noticeable amongst these pioneers was William Chesebrough who was the first settler in the town of Stonington, Connecticut. He appears to be the founder member of a large dynasty of Chesebroughs in United States today.

One such descendant, Larry Chesebro has dedicated his web site to the study of the American families who descend from William and these can be found at the following:

Early history and descendants of William Chesebrough of Boston Lincolnshire and Stonington, Mass.

Cheesbrough Distribution of Births 837-1859

Parish Locator Program for Windows

Very frequently we discover that our ancestors originate from an area of the British Isles with which we are unfamiliar. If we do not know the names of parishes or churches in the vicinity this can make researching difficult unless we consult reference books.
This is where Parish Locator can help you. We have created a database of almost 25,000 parishes and churches throughout England, Scotland and Wales. From the full listing you are able to select a 'Home' parish around which you need to identify other churches. You can enter a distance in either miles or kilometers from the 'Home' parish and request a listing of all such churches from the database within that radius.

The listing may be printed or saved to file. This shows the names of the churches within the specified radius along with the County code and National Grid Ordnance Reference. In addition the distance from the 'Home' church and the direction from it are shown.

Parish Locator will run on a PC running Windows 95 or above. This new version published in January 2001 has been extended by around 10,000 additional churches and has been enhanced by showing the years between which records are known to exist and included in the Vital Parish Records as cataloged by the LDS. Also new to this version are the facilities to search by a part name or by County or Ordnance Reference number.

Full help facilities are included and the program may be uninstalled via Windows Add/Remove Program. This software is Freeware and so may be passed on to anyone provided payment is not charged and all files are included.

The program is available as a compressed Zip file. Please click on the link to download the files which are approx. 6.3mb.

Download Parish Locator

If you need to know the Poor Law Union that a particular parish came under then have a look at Mary Hallett's database click here.

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30/12/2022 The US census database has been updated and now contains 48571 names

13/12/2022 The Lawson UK census database has been updated with an additional 700 names and updated 1921 addresses

26/11/2022 The Cheesbrough census, births and marriages databases have been update

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30/8/2022 The Vertigan census, births and marriages databases have all been updated

The Lawson wills database has been updated with details now to 1960
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The Lawson births database for England & Wales has been updated with new births between 2007-2010. Additional data has also been added

The Lawson worldwide births database has been updated with an additional 450 entries

The Cheesbrough databases have been updated the deaths file is now working.

The Online Database site has moved due to problems with the original site. Please see the link in the Site Navigation Panel for the new URL

A new database listing Lawson soldiers who were killed in action during WWI

A further 911 births have been added to the Scottish births database covering 1840-1854

The Lawson North American database has been extended to add 3000 Canadian arrivals

I now have a database of Lawson names in the 1911 Scottish census. By using the referencing numbers I am able to group families and will be adding details to the UK census database

The Lawson burials database has been extended with an additional 550 entries from Yorkshire

The total number of records in all the databases has now passed HALF A MILLION entries

The Lawson deaths in Scotland has been extended to include entries between 1930-1949

The US census database has received a major update, the total now covering 44,000 La
wson names.

1/6 The Lawson UK wills database has been extended to include an additional 1027 Scottish wills. Full details will be added later

11/5 The Lawson births and marriages databases for England and Wales have been extensively updated with further details including the names of parents and census reference numbers for cross-referencing.

The Lawson Scottish marriages database has been extended with an additional 2818 entries and now covers marriages between 1855-1979

The Cheesbrough & Vertigan on-line databases have now been extended and includes data from the 1939 Register

The Lawson England & Wales deaths database has been updated to include ages 1837-1912 with a few blanks which will be completed soon.

The Cheesbrough births database for England and Wales has been updated to include much more detail especially the names of parents and census reference numbers.

The Lawson US births database has been extended with an additional 2973 Virginia State entries.

The US State census file has been updated showing the numbers of Lawson entries found in individual years.

The US marriage database has been updated with additional 1890 Texas entries and now totals 30,231 records.

479 Tennessee Lawson births have been added to the database.

There is a new item on the Site Navigation Panel containing details of The Lawson Letters issues by the late Mary Alice Lawson. I have added issues from this publication which are available to senior members who have posted details of their Lawson families.

The Lawson Scottish births database has been updated with entries for females covering 1920-1999  with 4,323 additional names.

The Lawson Scottish births database has been updated with entries for males now covering 1855-1999  with 2,420 additional names.

The Lawson Canadian census database has been updated and now contains 4,200 names.

The Lawson burials database has been updated with 353 records from Isle of Man

The Lawson wills database has been extended to include 1027 Scottish entries between 1876 and 1936.

The Miscellaneous baptisms database has been updated with an additional 785 entries from Lancashire.

An additional 511 entries have been added to the Lawson Wills UK database which now covers up to 1945. Additional Irish wills have also been added.

An additional 700 Lawson baptisms and marriages have been added to the on-line searchable databases covering the Isle of Man. These can be located in the UK Baptism and UK Miscellaneous Marriage databases.

The Lawson births database for England and Wales has been updated to include 1837-2006 with over 61,300 entries.

The searchable on-line database site has changed to a different server. Please refer to the Searchable Database link in the Site Navigation Panel for the new site address.

The Lawson deaths database for England and Wales has been updated and now extends to 2005 with 41,231 entries.

A new database of Lawson deaths in USA has been added with 5,80 entries. This is available only to Senior Members who have posted some details in one of the site Forums.

An additional 3,684 new births have been added to the US database available only to Senior Members who have posted details of their Lawson families.

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