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» Database Update

Census Database Update

The following new Lawson census entries have been transcribed and will be added to the respective database in due course.
Current UK database has 60,005 names and US database 42,000 names. 

26/8 - 1939 Somerset 56
7/8 - 1939 Devon & Cornwall 152
28/7 - 1939 Hertfordshire 157
24/7 - 1939 Worcestershire 55
20/7 - 1939 Norfolk 119
25/6 - 1939 Durham 719 (1548
15/5 - 1939 Surrey 315
6/5 - 1939 Kent 292 (477)
21/3 - 1939 Durham 233 (1062)
17/3/ - 1939 Kent 185
3/3 - 1939 Warwickshire 126 (378)
18/2 - 1939 Gloucestershire 134
30/12 - 1910 Indiana 148 (325)
9/12 - 1939 Staffordshire 205
3/12 - 1939 Durham 520 (829)
27/11 - 1939 Lancashire 317 (1494)
2/11 - 1910 North Carolina 210 (514)
1/11 - 1891 West Lothian 89
30/10 - 1939 Northamptonshire 117
23/10 - 1939 Bedfordshire 212
9/9 - 1939 Yorkshire 802 (2447
23/8 - 1939 Leicestershire 109
21/8 - 1939 Derbyshire 182
22/7 - 1939 Cumberland 280 (427)
21/7 - 1939 Warwickshire 252
18/7 - 1939 Yorkshire 286 (1645)
15/7 - 1920 North Carolina 301
13/7 - 1939 Lancashire 310 (1077)

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Contact Us

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The registration process described below has been suspended due to a large number of recent bogus new registrations. We trust that you will understand that this course of action is necessary to maintain the integrity of members and the site. We certainly do not wish to deter genuine family historians from having access to this site so in the meantime it would assist greatly if new applicants could follow the following to ensure that only genuine new members are accepted.

Instead of going through a self-registration process please e-mail us at
gdl@yorksgen.co.uk giving your full name and where your Lawson/Cheesbrough or Vertigan interests lie. Some details as to their names and when and where they lived would be appreciated. You are also invited to suggest a suitable User Name for yourself, we will provide a Pass Word (which you may change if you so wish). We will then register you manually at which time you will then be able to access the site.

If you have any other queries please let us know what these are and we will respond accordingly.

Gerry 23rd November, 2013.


You are welcome to look around the Lawson, Cheesbrough and Vertigan web site but at this stage you will be allowed limited access only. The main Forums will appear empty and you will not be able to download any data files.

To register on this site simply click "Register" on the Menu Bar immediately above and complete the details.

If you encounter any problems during the registration process and are unable to complete this for some reason then please contact me by email at gdl@yorksgen.co.uk setting out the difficulties you have experienced. I can register you saving you any problems so if you would prefer this please tell me what user name and password you would prefer and your full name and where you live.

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The site contains numerous databases which can be downloaded for use with a suitable database program or spreadsheet, some are available on-line as viewable areas. However, before members can have access to them you must add some information about your Lawson/Cheesbrough/Vertigan family by entering details in one of the Forums. This has the advantage of allowing all other members to see who your family is and hopefully you will gain links to others researching your family too. It is important to use dates and locations where the family lived, if you do not know precise dates then please give a best estimate of when they were born.

Members often change e-mail addresses. In order that you can receive notifications of activity on any posts you make it is important that you change any e-mail addresses in your own "User Profile".

4th March, 2008

» Lawson, Cheesbrough & Vertigan One Name Studies

This site has been developed to assist anyone researching the Lawson, Cheesbrough or Vertigan names in what ever part of the world they are found. All data contained in the project is made freely available and no charges are made for any data, assistance or research undertaken. The One Name Studies have been in operation for since 1990 although development of this new web site now with Forums began in March 2006. During this period we have amassed databases containing over 465,900 entries and this is available to registered users only who post details of their families in the Forums.

The Forums are the main part of this site. This is where you will create or reply to posts or threads about Lawson, Cheesbrough and Vertigan families. Click on FORUM link in the blue Menu tab across the top of the screen.
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You are encouraged to post details of your Lawson, Cheesbrough and Vertigan families (including variant spellings of these names) in the appropriate Forenames Forum depending on where in the world they lived. Doing so will enable others researching the same families to make contact with you and also allow me to search my extensive databases and so offer details from these. The advantages are that you will then be able to share information and hopefully extend your knowledge of your family. You may also post queries in the appropriate Help Wanted Forum in relation to any aspect of your research especially where you have hit a 'brick wall'.

It is not intended that threads should deviate to other surnames as this will detract from the usefulness of the Forum although it is right to include maiden names of spouses to properly identify them.

When posting please make the subject line as meaningful as possible by including the name of the person, where they were from and date of the event. The main body of your entry should again be as full as possible with as many details of your families such as dates and places of birth, marriage and death. Use one entry per generation of each family using the head of the family as the main subject title.

Gerald Lawson (December 2009)

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At present you are unable to view the contents of each Forum on the site. Whilst we wish to encourage all users to make the most of it we feel it is only fair that you should contribute something themselves before being able to view what our Senior Members have posted.

It is not recommended that you post full details of living persons but start with earlier generations showing their full names, when and where they were born. Every word is indexed meaning that the 'Search' facilities that will become available to you will result in showing all threads containing the search criteria given.

Initial postings in the Forums should not contain links to other web pages. This is for security reasons only as hackers have attempted to advertise inappropriate materials in the past.

Once you have made an initial posting on your family then you will be elevated to Senior Member status and then you will have total access to all the threads or postings on the site. You may well be able to connect with others researching your own family branches. You will also gain rights to accessing over a quarter of a million individual records including births, deaths and marriages, valuable census data, wills, baptisms and many other records.

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Arthur McArthur Lawson b. c.1886 Glasgow


Arthur married Margaretta Kennedy McKnight b. 16th August 1883, known as 'Dolly'.
Their marriage took place on May 1st 1903 at 38 Prince Edward Street, Glasgow. Arthur was a commercial traveller aged 17, Dolly was 16. They both lived at 50 Palermo Street, Glasgow. His parents were George Greer Lawson and Agnes Risk Letters McArthur Lawson. Her parents were James McKnight and Elizabeth McKnight, m.s. Leith, deceased.
Their children were:-

George James, b. 26th July 1903. He was with the army in India, got engaged and died of cholera
Arthur McArthur, b. 16th May 1905. He emigrated to the USA, and worked with cars. He was killed in a car accident.
Elizabeth Lawson,known as 'Ailsa', b. c.1908. She married William Gray on 8th August 1924.

They had 3 children:- Audrey Gray, b. 18th August 1928. Dolly Lawson Gray, b. c.1925, died aged 2 from drowning in a pool on 6th May 1927. Gloria Lawson Gray b. c.1937.
Wilfred, b. c.1912. He found his niece drowned, and sadly had a breakdown. He died in a home in Glasgow.

Gordon b. c. 1917, went to Sweden, married a Swede and had no children.

(the above details are family hearsay only)

The father, Arthur McArthur Lawson died on 24th June 1925 at 48 Murano Street, Glasgow. Sadly he had committed suicide.

His parents were George Greer Lawson, who died on 19th November 1905, in his forties, and Agnes Risk Letters Lawson, m.s. McArthur.
Agnes' father was Harcourt Letters
Her mother was Martha Pedley, formerly McArthur Letters or Letters McArthur, m.s. Meir

Reply posted by Gerry

This is by far the most informative posting for a long time.

Arthur Mcarthur's birth is recorded at Cathcart in 1884 and the follwoing census records help to build the family picture.

1881 Parish 560 Hazel Bank Place, Cathcart, Renfrewshire
George G Lawson 29 letter press printer Airdrie
Agnes R L Lawson 23 Glasgow
Martha P M 6 Glasgow
Grace H 4 Cathcart
Isabella D 1 Cathcart

1891 Parish 644/12 - 38 Allison Street, Govan, Glasgow
George G Lawson 39 commercial traveller Airdrie
Agnes R L Lawson 34 Glasgow
Martha P M 16 gents cap maker Govanhill
Grace H 14 North Cathcart
Arthur Mca 7 North Cathcart
Agnes 3 Govanhill

George was the son of Archibald and Martha Lawson (nee Grier) who married at Old Monkland 19 10 1845. Hence this is the source of George's middle name. This family appear in the following census records.

1851 Parish 651 - 39 High Street, New Monkland, Lanarkshire
Archd. Lawson 27 book seller & tea dealer FIF Crossgate
Martha Lawson 24 Glasgow
James 5 Airdrie

1861 Parish 651/1 - 17 Graham Street, New Monkland, Airdrie
Archibald Lawson 36 bookseller printer FIF Dalgetty
Martha Lawson 33 Rutherglen
Elizabeth Lawson 62 mother FIF Dalgetty
James 14 apprentice printer Airdrie
Elizabeth 11, George 9, Archibald 8, Martha 6 all born Airdrie

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6th October, 2019

6/10 - The Lawson births database for England and Wales has been extensively updated to include much more detail especially the names of parents and census reference numbers.

The Lawson census database has been substantially updated and now contains 61,265 names

The Lawson deaths and wills databases for England and Wales has been updated.

The Lawson England & Wales deaths database has been updated to include ages 1837-1912 with a few blanks which will be completed soon.

The Lawson marriages database for England & Wales has been updated with many additional spouses names

All on-line Vertigan databases have been updated.

The Cheesbrough UK census database has been updated to include results from the 1939 Register.

The Cheesbrough births database for England and Wales has been updated to include much more detail especially the names of parents and census reference numbers.

The Lawson marriage database for England and Wales has been updated to include much more detail especially the names of spouses and census reference numbers.

The US census database has received a major update, the total now covering 42,000 Lawson names. The on-line searchable database available to those who have posted details of their Lawson family has also been updated. 

The Lawson US births database has been extended with an additional 2973 Virginia State entries.

The US State census file has been updated showing the numbers of Lawson entries found in individual years.

The US marriage database has been updated with additional 1890 Texas entries and now totals 30,231 records.

The Lawson US deaths database has been updated with an additional 1195 entries covering North Carolina

479 Tennessee Lawson births have been added to the database.

There is a new item on the Site Navigation Panel containing details of The Lawson Letters issues by the late Mary Alice Lawson. I have added issues from this publication which are available to senior members who have posted details of their Lawson families.

The Lawson Scottish marriages database has been extended with an additional 2481 entries and now covers male marriages between 1855-1959 and females between 1855-1939.

The Lawson Scottish births database has been updated with entries for females covering 1920-1999  with 4,323 additional names.

The Lawson Scottish births database has been updated with entries for males now covering 1855-1999  with 2,420 additional names.

The Lawson Canadian census database has been updated and now contains 4,200 names.

The Lawson burials database has been updated with 353 records from Isle of Man

The Lawson deaths database for England and Wales has been updated with an addition 710 entries between 2007-2013

The Lawson wills database has been extended to include 1027 Scottish entries between 1876 and 1936.

The Miscellaneous baptisms database has been updated with an additional 785 entries from Lancashire.

An additional 511 entries have been added to the Lawson Wills UK database which now covers up to 1945. Additional Irish wills have also been added.

An additional 700 Lawson baptisms and marriages have been added to the on-line searchable databases covering the Isle of Man. These can be located in the UK Baptism and UK Miscellaneous Marriage databases.

The Lawson births database for England and Wales has been updated to include 1837-2006 with over 61,300 entries.

The searchable on-line database site has changed to a different server. Please refer to the Searchable Database link in the Site Navigation Panel for the new site address.

The Lawson deaths database for England and Wales has been updated and now extends to 2005 with 41,231 entries.

A new database of Lawson deaths in USA has been added with 5,80 entries. This is available only to Senior Members who have posted some details in one of the site Forums.

An additional 3,684 new births have been added to the US database available only to Senior Members who have posted details of their Lawson families.

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